USA on the verge of falling gas prices

Gasoline futures fell more than 10 percent on Tuesday and are down more than 22 percent since June, raising hopes that high gas prices across the country may soon fall. The price of US crude fell more than 8 percent and international benchmark Brent crude fell almost 10 percent on Tuesday. “We’re on the verge … Read more

Excerpt: How GoldenEye 007’s Designers Used “Anti-Game Design”

In this excerpt from her upcoming book, writer and historian Alyse Knorr talks about some of the design decisions that Golden Eye 007 distinct from other first-person shooters of the 90s, and why that design holds up to this day. The book is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter. When [game designer David] Doak first joined … Read more

Apple Expands Commitment to Protect Users from Mercenary Spyware

July 6, 2022 UPDATE Apple Extends Leading Commitment to Protect Users from Highly Targeted Rental Spyspyware Apple previews a breakthrough security feature that provides specialized additional protections to users at risk of highly targeted cyber-attacks from private companies developing state-sponsored rental spyware. Apple also details its $10 million grant to support research exposing such threats. … Read more

Crypto exchange FTX has “a few billion” to support the industry – Bankman-Fried

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN technology PMN business Author of the article: Reuters John McCrank and Megan Davies content of the article Sam Bankman-Fried, head of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, FTX, said he and his company still have “a few billion” on hand to prop up struggling companies that could further destabilize the digital … Read more

A Self-Made Millionaire Shares Her Top 18 ‘Recession Money Rules’: It’s ‘Reasonable to Worry’

Concerned about what your financial situation will be like in a year – or even a few months? With all the worries about economic growth, it is reasonable to worry about a possible recession. But the key is to start preparing now so you’re in the best position with your money should a recession hit … Read more

Early stage meta open source AI translation tool that works in 200 languages

Social media conglomerate Meta has developed a single AI model capable of translating into 200 different languages, including many unsupported by current commercial tools. The company is making the project available as open source in hopes that others will build on its work. The AI ​​model is part of Meta’s ambitious R&D project to create … Read more

“Buy Now, Pay Later” services could leave some Americans deep in debt

This worries economists and consumer advocates, who have little idea of ​​the erratic use of these services coupled with a lack of transparency Regulatory oversight, makes them wonder how much American debt really is. While other household debt, such as credit card spending and auto loans, are recorded and tracked by the Federal Reserve, Buy … Read more

Are mass layoffs imminent? How the pandemic has changed employers’ recession strategy

For now, even as the economy slows, there’s still a near-record number of job openings, particularly in hospitality establishments like this restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois. (Nam Y. Huh / Associated Press) As the economy slows, the post-pandemic surge is over for Wisconsin restaurant owner Patrick DePula and his four pizza and pasta shops. Last year … Read more