Crypto crash threatens North Korea’s stolen funds as it ramps up weapons testing

SEOUL, June 29 (Reuters) – The nosedive in cryptocurrency markets has wiped out millions of dollars in funds stolen by North Korean hackers, four digital investigators say, threatening a key source of funding for the sanctions-hit country and its weapons programs. North Korea has poured resources into cryptocurrency theft in recent years, making it a … Read more

Unpredictable chemical shortage hits US farms

CHICAGO, June 27 (Reuters) – U.S. farmers have cut back on the use of common herbicides, sought substitutes for popular fungicides and altered planting schedules amid ongoing shortages of agricultural chemicals that threaten to cut harvests. Spraying smaller amounts of herbicides and using less effective fungicides increases the risk that weeds and diseases will affect … Read more

Biden administration leans on Tesla to reform renewable fuel policy

Jun 23 (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden rarely mentions electric car maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) in public. But privately, his government has leaned on the company to help draft a new policy to allow electric vehicles (EVs) to benefit from the country’s lucrative renewable fuel subsidies, according to emails verified by Reuters. The Biden … Read more

US tech companies are ripping up job vacancies and leaving college graduates to ponder

June 22 (Reuters) – One by one, Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) called some members of its newly hired class who had recently graduated from college during the last week of May and retracted the job offers within 15 minutes of calls, according to some of the recipients. “It was traumatic,” Iris Guo, a Toronto-based associate product … Read more

New expanded map links every human gene to its function

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Data for a new gene function map is available to other scientists. “It’s a big resource like the human genome is a big resource because you can go in there and do discovery-based research,” said Professor Jonathan Weissman. Scientists used their single-cell sequencing tool Perturb-seq on every expressed gene in the human genome, linking each … Read more

New CRISPR-based map links each human gene to its function

The Human Genome Project was an ambitious initiative to sequence every piece of human DNA. The project brought together collaborators from research institutions around the world, including MIT’s Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, and was finally completed in 2003. Now, more than two decades later, MIT professor Jonathan Weissman and colleagues have moved beyond the … Read more