iPads work as home hubs in iOS 16, but don’t support new home architecture

Although code in iOS 16 has indicated that the iPad will not function as a home hub after the update, an Apple spokesperson told us today. The edge that the ‌iPad‌ can indeed still be used as a home hub, but with a caveat – it won’t support a new architecture to be introduced later … Read more

Apple confirms iPad will no longer be supported as a home hub in iOS 16

The iPad can no longer be used as a home hub after the release of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura and the HomePod 16 software this fall, Apple confirmed today. As discovered in ‌iOS 16‌ code by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser, Apple says the ‌iPad‌ is no longer supported as a home hub. This … Read more

iOS 16 allows iPhone users to bypass CAPTCHAs in supported apps and websites

Tapping traffic light images or deciphering squiggly text to prove you’re human will soon be a much less common nuisance for iPhone users, as iOS 16 introduces support for bypassing CAPTCHAs in supported apps and websites. The handy new feature can be found in the Settings app under Apple ID > Password & Security > … Read more