Horizon Forbidden West’s enhanced achievement mode is now the best way to play

The release of patch 1.16 for Horizon Forbidden West has finally fixed visual issues in the game’s 60fps performance mode, making it our new recommended way to play on PS5 instead of the 30fps mode we prefer at launch. gifts. To find out what changes have been made behind the scenes, we spoke to Guerrilla … Read more

Stormgate Is An RTS Built For 1v1, Co-Op, Casual Play, Esports And, Well, Everyone – IGN

With its sleek sci-fi/fantasy aesthetic, monstrous enemies, and mecha-clad heroes, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Stormgate for a new real-time strategy from Blizzard. And in a manner of speaking you would be right; Stormgate may not be from Blizzard, but it’s from that company’s brightest minds. Today they’re at Frost Giant, a new studio built … Read more