Morning coffee: Goldman Sachs hires 5,000 cowboys for $90,000. Bankers get paid to stay home because there isn’t much to do

When it comes to investment banking careers, the city of Dallas has a somewhat unfair reputation as a career laggard full of back-office centers and regional wealth management managers who spend a lot of time in country clubs. Even for oil and gas coverage, Houston is often where the business happens. However, a look at … Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at AR/VR headset: ‘Stay tuned and you’ll see what we have to offer’

CEO Tim Cook did an interview this week with china dailywhere he once again commented on the future of augmented reality and hinted at Apple’s work on an AR/VR headset. Cook said Apple is excited about the possibilities available with augmented reality, which isn’t far off from previous comments he made, but went on to … Read more

Mars Base 101: how astronauts can get the most out of a 30-day stay on the Red Planet

NASA is evaluating a first human sojourn on the surface of Mars that would last about 30 Earth days. Scientists and engineers discuss how best to use that month on the Red Planet. Has the Mars explorers plant a flag, simply try to stay alive, do valuable scientific work, or prioritize setting up equipment for … Read more