The best ways to tidy up your iPhone’s home screen(s)

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I like my digital devices neat and organized. l keep clean mac desktop, and my ipad home screen is flawless. But iPhones are a little different: Usually we want youyour most used apps to be front and center, but over time, the apps unavoidable start stacking on, leaving our phones a messy mess. If you feel like you spend half your screen time scrolling through a sea of ​​appsit’s time to clean up your home screen.

Hide home screen pages

If your iPhone has endless home screen pages, cleaning things up can be a chore. you could uninstall apps one by one, but that takes forever and often leaves you more frustrated than when you started. Instead of wasting time, energy, and common sense refining your many home screen pages, you can just hide them. It’s fast and easyand the ability to do so arguably my favorite iOS feature yet.

To get started, launch the Home screen editor (or “shake mode” as some fondly refer to it) by long-pressing an empty area of ​​the screen, or long-pressing an app and choosing “Edit Home Screen”. Tap the page switcher (the oval with the dots) at the bottom of the screen to reveal all your existing ones Home screen pages. Hide a specific page from your home screen, tap the finch. The only limit should you at least leave? a Home screen page active, so choose accordingly. When you’re done, tap “Done” to return to a cleaner, more organized home screen. You can repeat this process at any time to recover earlier hidden pages.

Yyou can too hide home screen pages during a focusso only certain pages appear when you are working, enjoying your free time or relaxing in the evening.

Personally, I keep one home screen page with a combination of my favorite apps and widgets. If I need to use another app, I can swipe left once on my home screen to activate the app library, which houses all my apps (more on that later). Or I swipe down on the home screen to reach Spotlight and search for the app I need.

Hide your apps in the app library

Let’s say your home screen isn’t That messy, but it’s not where you want it to be. Let’s also say you don’t want to delete any of your apps, but you want to hide some of them away until you need them. you can put them in folders, but unnecessary folders are themselves a form of clutter.

If you have the patience, hiding your apps from the app library is the way to go. The app library is a collection of all the apps on your iPhone, hidden on the last page of the home screen. Since iOS 14, the app library allows us to keep apps off our home screens, without having to completely remove them from our iPhones.

constrain an app only to the app library, long press it and then choose ‘Delete app’. Now choose “Remove from home screen”. The app will disappear as if you deleted it, but if you search for it or go to your app library, it will be there waiting for you.

Keep new apps away from the home screen

Why spend all the time and effort putting together your home screen to make sure new apps ruin the whole look? By default, iOS adds new apps to the next available space on your home screen, but it doesn’t have to. You can even choose to send new apps only to the app library so that your home screen is preserved.

To find this option, open Settings > Home screenthen choose “App library only” under Newly downloaded apps.

Move apps with ease

If you’re in the process of rearranging the apps on your home screens, whether you’re moving them to a new page or placing them in a folder, and you’re still dragging them one by one, stopping and fetching multiple apps at once.

Long press one of the apps you want to move and wait until you are in “shake mode”. While your finger is still holding the app, use another finger to tap other apps you want to move. Like magic they attach themselves to the first app you grabbed. Select as much as you want, drag the whole lot wherever you want them to go.

The only downside of this feature is you can’t use it to move batches of apps to the app library; iIt only works to move them to another place on your home screen.

Batch uninstall apps with Apple Configurator

You say don’t want to move or hide apps on your iPhone, but want to remove them completely. Doing it one by one takes forever, but the is the best way to clear a lot apps you no longer want on your iPhone aren’t the most useful either: you will noath a Mac, or a friend with a Mac, and Apple Configurator. It is an app developed by Apple for setting up Apple devices with specific apps, settings and data. Organizations, such as schools and businesses, use it to configure user devices in accordance with their policies, but you can use it to batch uninstall apps from your iPhone.

With the app installed on your Mac, connect your iPhone to the computer. Give the Mac permission to access your iPhone and double-click it when your phone appears in Apple Configurator. Click the “Apps” menu in the sidebar to view a full list of the apps on your iPhone. Select as many as you want, just like you would select multiple items in any other Mac app. When everything is selected, press the Delete key and then choose “Delete” from the popup.

Delete apps directly on iPhone

Unfortunately, if you don’t have access to a Mac, you’ll have to uninstall apps one by one. But yeahno need to scroll aimlessly through pages of the home screen and randomly uninstall apps—there are a few ways to go about this that are more efficient and effective.

The most organized way to delete apps on iPhone is through the app library, which you can access by scrolling all the way to the right on your home screen. Tap “App Library” in the search field at the top of this page to find a list from all your iOS apps in alphabetical order, and browse and delete anything you don’t want. The process is the same as on the home screen: long-press an app icon, choose “Delete App” and then tap “Delete” in the popup.

Another popular tip for removing apps easily: you can via the App Updates page in the App Store. (I first learned about this trick thanks to The Verge.) App updates not just for, well, app updates –it also acts as a handy app clearer. If you see an update for an app you didn’t even know you had on your iPhone, you can easily remove it from your device then and there.

To get started, go to the App Updates page by opening the App Store and tapping your profile in the top right. On this screen, swipe down to reload your available app updates, then scroll through the list. If you see an app you don’t want on your iPhone anymore, swipe left to reveal the “Uninstall” option. Tap it until delete the app.

You can also remove apps from a Spotlight search in the same way: search for the app, long-press it, then tap Delete. If you only want to delete the apps takes up the most space on your iPhone, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storagetap an offending app, choose “Delete App,” then tap “Delete App” again in the popup.


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