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Moss: Book 2 officially has a release date for Meta Quest 2; the creators of What the Golf are now embracing bats and we now have a much better understanding of Among Us VR. All of this news was revealed in today’s Upload VR showcase, which featured multiple announcements for the Meta Quest 2 and other major VR headsets.

Check out our full list of everything announced at Upload VR’s event, including everything mentioned above, as well as many more updates and reveals:

Among Us VR reveals how it’s practically a sequel to 2020’s mega hit

A brand new trailer showcased the gameplay of Among Us VR, revealing an experience vastly different in many ways from the game that became a mega hit in 2020. The stealth, backstabbing and outright lies are all still there, but negotiations are much more than a text box – now you’re really sitting at the table. The VR basically changes everything from the basic tasks to the jolt of terror when you turn around to find another crew member just…staring at you. It remains to be seen whether these updates will actually work well in the final version, but at first glance, Among Us VR almost feels like a full-fledged sequel. It is currently slated for a Holiday 2022 release on Meta Quest and PC VR devices.

Broken Edge is a new multiplayer sword fighting game

What’s the first thing that comes to mind about motion control games? For many people they are lightsabers, but the next best thing is classic swordsmanship. Broken Edge is the latest game to capture the elemental appeal of blades clashing in VR, using a variety of techniques and fighting styles in a multiplayer environment. Broken Edge is being developed by Montreal-based Trebuchet, the studio behind Prison Boss VR, and will be released on Meta Quest and PC VR platforms in 2022.

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate features murder and dreams in a VR anime world

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate has been delayed before and has a brand new trailer. This three-episode murder mystery is set in an “idyllic man-made sea city” where dreams are used to prevent crime before it happens, and has an appealing anime art style. It offers memory dives, interactive research and more – all in VR. Episode 1 is scheduled for this summer, with two more episodes and a Nintendo Switch release later this year.

Final Fury Imagines Fighting Games In New Reveal Trailer

Imagine one of Ryu’s shawls‘ flies right at you and you have an idea of ​​what to expect from Final Fury – a new VR fighting game from Kluge Interactive. Final Fury has many of the trappings of classic fighting games, including special moves and lifebars, but it is set in first-person and offers a full range of motion controls. The main question is whether Final Fury can be as deep as its more traditional peers. We’ll know more when Final Fury launches on all major VR headsets in 2023.

Warplanes developer switches to helicopters in new HeliSquad teaser trailer

After focusing primarily on World War I and II combat aircraft during the last two games, VR developer Home Net Games is shifting to slightly different military hardware: helicopters. Titled HeliSquad: Covert Operations, the new teaser trailer takes on the character of a game like Modern Warfare with its distorted graphics and 3D models. The Warplanes games tried to combine arcade realism and simulation style with their gameplay, and HeliSquad figures to follow the same path, this time with helicopters. It’s listed as “Coming Soon” on all major VR headsets.

Hubris Trailer Offers Another Glimpse Of Ambitious Underwater Combat

VR fans looking for a full graphics extravaganza on their platform of choice may want to look out for Hubris, who received an update during the Upload VR showcase. Belgium-based developer Cyborn promises it’s still working on the ambitious new first-person game in a trailer that cuts scenes of busy developers with beautiful underwater combat and sci-fi facilities. It doesn’t look quite like the critically acclaimed Subnautica, which received its own VR update a few years ago. If Hubris is even half as good as Subnautica, then Cyborn may be onto something. Hubris will be released on Meta Quest and PPC VR platforms later this year.

Mothergunship: Forge will make the jump to VR next week

Mothergunship will be the latest shooter to head to VR when it arrives on June 16, and a new trailer showed off some of the mayhem that fans can expect in the spin-off. Just like in the base game, Mothergunship lets you frantically build and upgrade weapons in a first-person bullet hell environment, only now in VR. In the end, you’ll face, yes, the Mothergunship. The original game released in 2018, with the spin-off heading to Meta Quest 2 and PC VR platforms.

What The Bat is the VR sequel to What the Golf, and it’s just as ridiculous

What the Golf was a hilarious physics-based parody game designed to poke fun at the toughest sports, and now What the Bat is bringing that concept to VR. As the name implies, What the Bat is all about bats; in particular, the main character literally has bats for hands. The trailer does a good job highlighting the many, many hijinks that lead to it. What the Bat is currently in development by Triband, with a release set for Meta Quest and other PC VR platforms.

Green Hell has you chased by a Jaguar in VR

Apparently you just haven’t lived until you’ve plucked maggots from an open wound in VR, as the new launch trailer for Green Hell VR shows. Like many of the games on this list, Green Hell was previously released to acclaim on other platforms and is now heading into VR. Like The Long Night, it is a survival game, only Green Hell takes place in the jungle. You craft, wound, and stare at jaguars sneaking up on you among the trees, all in VR. It is now available on PC VR platforms.

Zenith Celestial Throne Trailer Provides Details About Major Incoming Update

Zenith: The Lost City, a VR MMO developed by Ramen VR, is getting a major update soon. During the Upload VR showcase, Ramen VR showed off some of the new environments as they teased eight new armor sets, six instanced dungeons, and over 20 new quests. The new update is expected on June 16 on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR and PC VR platforms.

Twilight Zone Trailer Would Probably Really Confuse Rod Serling

What would Rod Serling think of a VR game where you shoot monsters and dodge through variants of the iconic Twilight Zone door? He would probably be confused, and then he would light a cigarette. Anyway, Twilight Zone is a mixed reality game with real-time visuals and in-game content that bears little resemblance to the iconic sci-fi series. You do, however, don a hazard suit and fight against shadow monsters. Twilight Zone, featuring three original stories, is in development for release on Meta Quest 2 on July 14, with a PSVR version to follow at a later date.

Liminal Phase is a Lo-fi Indie Horror Game

Pineapple Studio has unveiled Liminal Phase, a new lo-fi horror game for PC VR headsets. The short reveal trailer gives it a bit of a hacker vibe as the main character works on old-school desktop enemies and battles low-poly enemies. It comes out in 2023.

Espire 2 releases a new developer diary

Digital Lode’s upcoming VR FPS received a new trailer during the Upload VR showcase, with the developer laying out the gameplay, playable classes, and co-op options in the new stealth game. Described as a “full-fledged VR FPS”, it’s heading to Meta Quest later this year.

Stride gets a new multiplayer trailer

Stride is getting a brand new multiplayer mode today, which Joy Way showcased in a brand new launch trailer. Originally released in 2020, Stride is a free-running VR game with heavy Mirror’s Edge influences. The new multiplayer mode, which will be released as a free update, will include modes such as King of the Hill. It is available on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR platforms.

PathCraft tries to capture the legacy of lemmings

Do you remember Lemmings? The classic PC puzzle game was famous for its bouncy music, cunning traps, and its titular green-haired characters who had a habit of exploding in confetti. Like so many other games lately, PathCraft is trying to translate that appeal to VR, and you can see how in the new trailer revealed during the Upload VR showcase. PathCraft will be released on Meta Quest 2 later this year.

Unplugged Pantera has the famous metal group

Check out this launch trailer for Unplugged Pantera, a DLC pack for the hand-tracked VR guitar game for Unplugged. Featuring the famous metal group, the game and add-on are now both available on Meta Quest and PC VR platforms.

Hellsweeper Quest Unveils Trailer

Vertigo Games has been confirmed to be publishing this intense and gory action from Mixed Realms, which is heading to Meta Quest 2 and other PC VR platforms later this year.

Ragnarok Hellfest DLC Gets New Launch Trailer

Ragnarok, a VR rhythm action game, is getting DLC ​​that ties into France’s Hellfest metal festival. Check out the new trailer for the content that will be released today, June 9.

Reproduction VR Developer Update

Wandev Studios, the developer behind Propagation, gives an update on their upcoming VR zombie shooter. It will be released on Meta Quest and PC VR platforms later this year.

Nerf Ultimate Championship gameplay showcased in new trailer

We saw a new gameplay showcase for the all-new multiplayer shooter with wall-running and yes, Nerf weapons. It doesn’t look all that different from your typical shooter, but Nerf fans can enjoy firing foam darts from in-game models of their favorite plastic weapons.

Moss: Book 2 launches July 21 on Meta Quest 2

Moss: Book 2, which arrived on PlayStation VR in March, finally has a release date for Meta Quest 2. The adorable mouse adventure comes out on Meta’s standalone headset on July 21. Check out our review here, where we call it an “exemplary sequel.”

Killer Frequency is Team 17’s debut VR game

Team 17’s debut VR game is revealed in a new trailer featuring a very creepy door at the end of a hallway and a screaming attacker. According to the official description, Killer Frequency will cast you as a radio DJ helping local townspeople evade a killer on the loose. The logo suggests it will have a bit of a synthwave aesthetic. Team 17’s standards tend to be quite high, meaning Killer Frequency just might be the slack game to watch in this showcase.

Gambit Offers A Glimpse Of Why It’s Payday In VR

Gambit’s first gameplay was shown in a new trailer. Announced as Payday in VR, this new team-based shooter will ship to the Meta Quest and PC VR platforms later this year.

And that’s it for the Upload VR Showcase. Do you have a favorite trailer? Tell us all about it in the comments. In the meantime, keep an eye out for all the news coming out of the Summer of Gaming 2022 and Netflix Geeked Week, including the Summer Games Fest on Thursday and the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase on Sunday.

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